KPtW Cadetship Programme

This KPtW programme is tailored towards entry level candidates with a focus on specific skill sets pertinent to Kawerau’s emerging workforce demands.  

The content of each cadetship will be led from within business and build competencies to enable continuation of employment or consideration for an apprenticeship.  

Each cadetship is for a period of 13 weeks during which time the candidate will work a minimum of a 30 hour week and be remunerated at the minimum wage level.   The programme allows for 40 positions over the period October 19 to June 2121.   Each position attracts a $4,000 subsidy paid directly to a qualifying employer.

If you would like to offer a cadetship, put your name forward for a cadetship, or just like more information on this programme please contact

Tony Gardner
C:  021 043 0300
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