Kawerau Pathways to Work

Kawerau Pathways to Work is the result of a 2017 study which collated available information on the aniticpated workforce demands in Kawerau from 2018 through to 2022.   The study examined the workforce supply and identified the skill and availability gaps which needed to be addressed.

This project comprises five Kawerau-based initiatives to be commissioned and implemented from 2019 to 2021.   

  • Fit-to-learn and fit-to-work programmes
  • Industry based cadetship programmes
  • Additional industry training support
  • A dedicated industry-facing role based at Tarawera High School and
  • Further driver licencing investment

All programmes will incorporate personal aspiration building, PATH planning, Licence to Work, work exploration and work experience, and actively connects with our local employers and industries.   Ongoing pastoral care and employment placement support are key elements of the initiatives.

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