Workforce Development

Realising Kawerau’s potential through increased community wellbeing is a fundamental component of ISK’s philosophy.

The resilience, sustainability, growth and diversity of Kawerau’s industry base, an increasing workforce, and a rise in the average household incomes within the District are important contributors to the welfare of the general community.

Developing a skilled and capable workforce is central to an efficient business and the stability of the economic environment. ISK members recognise the importance of balancing commercial aspiration with a belief in the greater good and social values, and are taking a positive leadership role in the development of programmes that enable the full participation of the community in the workforce.

Kawerau Pathways to Work is the results of a study undertaken in 2017 which collates available information with respect to the aniticpated workforce demands in Kawerau from 2018 through to 2022, examines workforce supply and identifies the skill and availability gaps which need to be addressed. 

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