Who's Involved

Maori Enterprise

Maori Investments Limited (MIL)
Waterhouse Street Extension
PO Box 229
Kawerau 3169
Contact:  Kiriwaitingi Rei
P: +64 7 323 8146
Maori Investments Limited owns the Tarawera Forest which is approximately 29,000 hectares.  
Of this estate, approximately 21,000 hectares are planted in pine forest of which there are two Forestry Rights.   The first in favour of Tiaki Plantations and the second to Kaingaroa Timberlands.
Maori Investments Limited also has the power of appointment to Nga Maunga Kaitiaki Trust, which owns and manages Maunga Putauaki.   In March 2013 the Trust entered into a five year Biodiversity Management Agreement with the BOP Regional Council.   The focus of this Agreement is
  • The restoration of indigenous vegetation
  • The management of wilding pines and other pest plants
  • Enhancing the habitat quality for bird species through the management of animal pests
  • Encouraging the regeneration of indigenous species
Improving the condition of the existing forest
Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NTGA)
1 Parimahana Drive
PO Box 334
Kawerau 3169
Contact:  Spence McClintock
P: +64 7 323 4164
Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets (NTGA) is a wholesale Steam and Brine Supply Business currently supplying a mix of industrial customers in Kawerau. 
Sufficient Environmental Permits are held to enable the current production levels from the Kawerau field to double.
NTGA can provide a complete steam and brine supply service including:-
  • Geothermal steam supply from 5 to 15 bar;
  • Geothermal Brine supply from 100 to 150°C;
  • Clean Steam supply from 5 to 15 bar;
  • Condensate collection and re-injection;
  • Brine reinjection
 Using geothermal steam and brine for process heat and electricity generation is a permitted activity within the Kawerau District.
NTGA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ngati Tuwharetoa Holdings Limited and was established to hold and manage the Geothermal Assets of Iwi and complements the special association and history that Tuwharetoa in Kawerau have with the Geothermal Taonga.
Putauaki Trust
MIL House
Waterhouse Street Extension
Kawerau 3127
Contact:  John O'Brien
P:  +64 7 323 6400

Putauaki Trust is an Ahu Whenua Trust which was established on 3 June 1981, and is currently owned by approximately 800 shareholders.  The shareholders are predominately descendants of Te Pahipoto, hapu of Ngati Awa of Te Teko. 

The principal activities of the trust comprise

  • Dairy Farming;
  • Cropping:
  • Forestry;
  • Investment;
  • Property/land ownership;
  • Geothermal development; and
  • Leases.

Putauaki Trust has made 80 ha of land zoned industrial available for development within Kawerau’s industrial district which sits above the geothermal field.  Sites on a long term leasehold tenure are on offer.

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