What is it?

Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is a collaboration of like-minded parties working together for mutual gain. Shared resources, shared values, shared benefits.

‘Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau’ is the full name given to an exciting initiative taking place in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Industrial symbiosis is a relatively new term that describes the collaboration between different enterprises for which the geographic proximity of each allows for the sharing of resources, increasing the viability and competitive advantage of the other.

It involves the exchange of materials, energy, water, by-products, services, knowledge, intellectual property, social capital and networks to reduce resource costs, increase revenues and create new business opportunities.

Situated in the heart of New Zealand's principal forestry region, Kawerau is a well-established wood-processing centre, and home to the world’s largest application of geothermal energy for direct industrial use.

Our industrial symbiosis initiative aims to capitalise on this unique combination of factors by adopting progressive practices that embrace change, leading to a new industrial evolution of smarter, cleaner business.

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