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The Kawerau town was purpose-built in 1953 to support the Tasman pulp and paper mill and burgeoning industry.


After almost 60 years of heavy industry experience, Kawerau has the skills and networks required to support new companies that want to join the industrial evolution.

Welcome to Kawerau,

A special place full of industry knowledge and supportive organisations. Together we embrace the future.

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Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is a smarter way of doing business by creating efficiencies and opportunities, while tapping into the abundant renewable resources of the region.

Nearly 60 years after it was established, Kawerau continues to excel in heavy industry, with wood processing and manufacturing making the largest contribution to both economic and employment activity in the town. A world-leading specialist engineering sector is the result of the town’s association with wood processing, and provides important manufacturing and maintenance services to local businesses.

With support from the Kawerau District Council and economic development agencies, we aim to add to the already established industries in the region and remove any barriers limiting the potential of the town.

The fact is we have the expertise, and the support networks in place to service any new industry in Kawerau.

We only have one planet. Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the answer for contemporary organisations that wish to lower their carbon footprint, optimise resources and help make this world a better place for future generations.

Kawerau offers an opportunity to have a positive impact on climate change by reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere and the amount of waste in the ground.

Many of the companies based in Kawerau are already playing their part by switching to geothermal steam for direct heat. 

In addition to this, Kawerau’s specialist engineering companies provide critical support, maintenance and fabrication services to New Zealand’s renewable energy sector, including geothermal, hydro and wind.

If we truly care about the world we leave behind, we must embrace cleaner industry.

It takes a unique blend of factors to make industrial symbiosis a viable business model. Kawerau has everything needed for a harmonious relationship.

Kawerau offers a combination of commercial opportunities and access to an abundance of natural resources that is unrivalled in this country. When our affordable housing and enviable climate is combined with the region’s unspoilt environment, it makes for a winning formula.

Companies interested in Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau will find support is available from a range of organisations from sectors such as: engineering, sawmilling, heavy industry, forestry, energy providers and local support services.

We have the resources, the environment, the expertise, and the support. Together, we embrace Kawerau.

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