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The 113 hectare block of industrial land available for development is owned by the Putauaki Trust, a maori land owning entity related to the prominent local Ngati Awa Iwi.


Having been carefully planned before construction, Kawerau was built with location in mind – positioning the industrial site above a geothermal field, with plentiful forests and the Tawawera river nearby.

Welcome to Kawerau,

A special place that offers a unique opportunity for businesses to operate sustainably by utilising our abundant resources. Together, we embrace business, the environment, and the community.

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Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is a smarter way of doing business by creating efficiencies and opportunities, while tapping into the abundant renewable resources of the region.

Kawerau offers fully consented brownfields suitable for heavy industry, as well as newly rezoned greenfields catering for light to medium industry. The availability of this land means businesses can move their operations to Kawerau and reap the benefits of reliable energy, as well as the extensive experience of workers in the region.

Due to the substantial amount of natural resources available nearby, Kawerau presents opportunities for a variety of industries to excel here. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, adding further value to wood fibre, capturing and processing a range of waste streams, or developing food production and processing facilities.

We only have one planet. Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the answer for contemporary organisations that wish to lower their carbon footprint, optimise resources and help make this world a better place for future generations.

CO2 emissions from geothermal sources are minimal when compared to fossil fuel methods of energy generation. Sitting on top of the Kawerau geothermal field, industrial companies within the complex have access to an expanding geothermal supply for both electricity and direct heat.

The close proximity of companies within the Kawerau site also enables the exchange of materials that would previously be seen as waste streams, but which can now be used by neighbouring businesses as inputs for production. If we truly care about the world we leave behind, we must embrace cleaner industry.

It takes a unique blend of factors to make industrial symbiosis a viable business model. Kawerau has everything needed for a harmonious relationship.

The Kawerau District Council is supportive of companies wishing to utilise Kawerau as an industrial location. As such, they are focused on attracting and retaining value added industries that will enable the town to deliver on its potential as the destination of choice for sustainable industry.

The owners of the industrial land in Kawerau are also supportive of businesses who believe in what the town has to offer. They have established a structure plan, which provides a guiding framework for how land can be developed, working closely with prospective tenants to best cater to their development needs.
Together, we embrace Kawerau.

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