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Radiata pine is New Zealand’s dominant plantation forest species, making up 90% of the national estate.



Kawerau sits on the doorstep of New Zealand’s principal forest growing region; the Central North Island forests. Annual harvests from this region exceed 11 million m³ and continue to grow, offering a large and consistent supply of raw material.

Welcome to Kawerau,

Home to some of the world’s fastest growing trees and a world-class wood processing industry. Together, we embrace business, the environment, and the community.

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Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is a smarter way of doing business by creating efficiencies and opportunities, while tapping into the abundant renewable resources of the region.

The wood processing industry in Kawerau has essentially been practicing industrial symbiosis for a number of years. The district’s industrial companies are actively involved in the sharing and provision of resources, while promoting sustainability as a successful business model.

50km to the west of Kawerau is Scion; an institute dedicated to improving the international competitiveness of the New Zealand forest industry and building a stronger bio-based economy. Their innovative research opens up exciting opportunities for wood and fibre-based products.

The fact is we have the knowledge and the experience to support companies who are ready to embrace smarter business.

We only have one planet. Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the answer for contemporary organisations that wish to lower their carbon footprint, optimise resources and help make this world a better place for future generations.

One great advantage of Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the opportunity to conserve biomass residues typically burned for process heat, by further adoption of geothermal energy in the wood processing industry. This will allow biomass resources to be put to higher value uses, such as biofuels or biochemicals, while reducing carbon emissions.

In fact, in Kawerau, it is estimated that replacing coal or oil with geothermal for direct heat purposes could reduce emissions by up to 75%, while reductions from replacing natural gas could be up to 45%.

If we truly care about the world we leave behind, we must embrace cleaner industry.

It takes a unique blend of factors to make industrial symbiosis a viable business model. Kawerau has everything needed for a harmonious relationship.

Kawerau offers a combination of commercial opportunities and access to an abundance of natural resources that is unrivalled in this country. When our affordable housing and enviable climate is combined with the region’s unspoilt environment, it makes for a winning formula.

Kawerau is situated in the heart of New Zealand’s principal forest growing region. On top of this, we have a large supply of available labour in the area, including a wealth of experience in the wood processing industry.

With a District Council that provides an enabling regulatory environment, and wood processing already acknowledged by the community as crucial to economic development – Kawerau is primed for new wood processing ventures.

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