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Direct Heat Use

Quick Facts

In production since 1957, the Kawerau geothermal field provided the first major direct industrial use of geothermal energy in the world.


The direct use of geothermal applies to either heating or cooling and can be used for a variety of purposes, including: agricultural and aquacultural applications, as well as industrial processes.

Welcome to Kawerau,

Home to the world’s largest application of geothermal energy for direct industrial use. With further capacity earmarked for production, we won’t run out anytime soon.

  • Smarter
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Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is a smarter way of doing business by creating efficiencies and opportunities, while tapping into the abundant renewable resources of the region.

Smart companies realise the benefits of replacing traditional fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas or wood residues, with geothermal steam for industrial process heat.

Advantages include:

1.Long term and secure supply from a baseload energy source
2.High availability of the resource, offering consistency in delivery
3.Cost savings to the user in comparison with other fuel sources
4.Improved performance and increased reliability
5.Reduction in CO2 emissions.

Access all of these benefits, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by moving your operation to Kawerau. Simply put, if you want your company to flourish, join the industrial evolution and embrace smarter business.

We only have one planet. Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the answer for contemporary organisations that wish to lower their carbon footprint, optimise resources and help make this world a better place for future generations.

Every business is responsible for the carbon footprint they leave behind. When geothermal steam is used for direct heat, CO2 emissions are minimal compared to fossil fuel based methods of energy generation.

Industries in Kawerau are already playing their part, with the SCA Hygiene Australasia plant reducing their CO2 emissions by up to 39% by switching from natural gas to geothermal steam for direct heat. Norske Skog Tasman now operates on 100% geothermal steam for direct heat use – replacing other fuel sources such as wood waste, black liquor, and fossil fuels.

It takes a unique blend of factors to make industrial symbiosis a viable business model. Kawerau has everything needed for a harmonious relationship.

Kawerau offers a combination of commercial opportunities and access to an abundance of natural resources that is unrivalled in this country. When our affordable housing and enviable climate is combined with the region’s unspoilt environment, it makes for a winning formula.

The field’s pre-eminent supplier of geothermal steam for industrial use, Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets Limited (NTGA), is currently seeking to double their extraction of geothermal brine to meet the growing demand from current and future customers. Additionally, both Mighty River Power and Eastland Group
hold separate consents to extract brine.

With Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau, together, we can provide geothermal energy to power industry for generations to come.

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