Environmental Benefits

‘There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now.’ – Nicholas Stern

Every business is responsible for the carbon footprint they leave behind. When geothermal steam is used for direct heat CO2 emissions are minimal compared to fossil fuel based methods of energy generation.

In fact, in Kawerau, replacing coal or oil with geothermal for process heat could reduce emissions by up to 75%, while reductions from replacing natural gas could be up to 45%.

Industries in Kawerau are already playing their part, with the SCA Hygiene Australasia plant reducing their CO2 emissions by up to 39% by switching from natural gas to geothermal steam for direct heat. Norske Skog Tasman now operates on 100% geothermal steam for direct heat use – replacing other fuel sources such as wood waste, black liquor, and fossil fuels.

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