Cleaner Industry

We only have one planet. Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau is the answer for contemporary organisations that wish to lower their carbon footprint, optimise resources and help make this world a better place for future generations.

The ability to manufacture products with low environmental impact offers industry and businesses operating in Kawerau a number of unique competitive advantages – economic, environmental and social.

With an abundance of sustainable natural resources and renewable energy, Kawerau offers the low carbon, low risk and high value solution that manufacturers are seeking to drive their business.

In Kawerau, industry is blessed with the opportunity to adopt geothermal energy for process heat in manufacturing. This provides a sustainable and cost-effective energy source with a much lower carbon emissions profile than coal, oil or natural gas.

By using geothermal for process heat, biomass residues typically burned for this can be put to higher value uses such as biofuels. Low grade heat as a by-product of geothermal power generation can be used for food production and processing. These are examples of where one opportunity unlocks another as part of a balanced, integrated clean economy.

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